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Botanical Anatomy Series

Botanical Anatomy Series Statement:

My Botanical Anatomy series began after a major personal transition which created tremendous personal growth and change. My artistic process became a new experience. I started to envision new forms. It was liberating and natural as the composed imagery came pouring out of me. The anatomical forms played a key role in representing the human presence and slowly the botanical forms became the human experience. The works are about relationships, the tension between them, the power, pain, joy and impermanence of how we connect and move through one another. Color, line, form and composition are all devices that enrich and build on the narrative within the floral imagery. The most recent works are direct reflections of the time we are living in. As the COVID 19 hit record highs this past winter, the dialogue of the work became more about isolation and how the relativity of relationships has impacted our daily life. I seek to create beauty in its oppositional forces of the intricacies and simplicity of time and experience.

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