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Portraits & Look Me In The Eyes Series Statement:

We live in a time where everyone has their own comfort level and definition of intimacy. What this looks like and feels like is different for everyone. Through moments of vulnerability, we explore a range of openness. Everyone travels through this process with different interpretations and expectations.


In my most recent body of work, I have returned to the figure. What arouses our senses is a longing for intimacy in these challenging times where our fundamental sense of connection has shifted. The return to the figure, has been a return to the sacred connection between humans and to the earth. Beyond the current state of the world, exists a long lasting narrative surrounding relationships and their challenges for a deeper, lasting connection. Honoring the individuals and loved ones around us so that you can really see them and remain in the current moment can be more challenging over time. The women in my “Look Me in the Eyes” series are complicated, intoxicating and powerful and they demand more, more intimacy, more connection and more attention. Their beauty inside and out provokes curiosity and echoes a sense of integrity and authenticity. 

Current Portraits: Look Me In The Eyes Series:

Early Portraits Series:

Pet Portrait Series

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